Skev AKA James
✉ hello@skevism.co.uk

Shape-maker and mural-painter James Skevington is based in the UK and operates under the pseudonym of Skev.
Kicking things off at an early age, young Skev set the bar high by winning a Blue Peter Badge.
Since then he’s been exploring his craft around the world, via Japan, the US and a few places in between.
He has worked on various projects and exhibitions, from T-shirts to live illustration battles.
You’ll find him in London for the time being, where he is happiest at play with patterns, block colour and geometric shapes.


If You Can't See My Mirrors I Can't See You (Solo) · London · 2022
Secret 7" (Group) · London · 2018
Gaea's Room (Collaborative) · London · 2017
Poundshop (Group) · London · 2014
Hello Beautiful (Group) · London · 2013
Mail Me Art (Group) · London · 2013
Day of the Dead (Group) · Bristol · 2012
Secret Walls (Competition) · London · 2011
New Designers (Showcase)· London · 2010
Blue Peter Badge Winner · Milton Keynes · 1999